About Me


Hello! I’m Alba. Rooted in holistic living, I blend ancient practices and modern techniques to cultivate mindfulness, personal growth, and true consciousness. Having journeyed across the Americas, I’ve realized that each person possesses a unique story. My mission? Help you navigate your narrative towards a fulfilling life. Our thoughts are powerful, shaping our reality. Recognizing and reshaping negative thoughts can profoundly enhance our life experiences. Amidst our bustling lives, I champion the power of gratitude, an enriching spiritual tool connecting us to the universe’s abundance.

Life’s rhythm dances between giving and receiving. The joy in giving and the grace in gratefully accepting blessings teach us life’s interconnected essence. Within each of us is a vast inner realm awaiting exploration. I encourage diving deep, transforming this space into a sanctuary of solace and growth. Our essence thrives in genuine connections, and by fostering universal love, we elevate our spirits, building profound relationships.

The universe brims with positive energy, awaiting our embrace. By tapping into this force, we invigorate our lives with purpose and clarity. Everyone holds a unique purpose, a flame of passion. Living in alignment with this purpose ignites a vibrant life journey. Challenges are inevitable, but resilience and confidence are our compasses, guiding us even in storms. Join me as we embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery and holistic growth together.

My Promise

"With every session, I commit to harnessing the universe's energy to help you find clarity, purpose, and alignment in your life."

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