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Intuitive counseling – A licensed cognitive psychologist with over 25 years of experience in treating clients with symptoms of sadness, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, divorce, and family trauma.  Intuitive guidance is gently woven with established psychotherapy principles.   Weekly appointments with one-on-one therapy and intuitive healing modalities by Alba include prayers, flowers, and candles.  Client homework often includes a variety of supportive modalities, including journaling, EFT tapping, prayer, cleansing rituals, and meditations.  Holistic, supportive, and logical, this comprehensive approach to the worries and pains of our hearts and minds creates rapid, transformative change.  Sessions are held remotely via Zoom.

60 minutes = $120.00

60 minutes x 4 = $440.00 

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Intuitive love coaching for singles – Dating can be daunting for many reasons.  Psychic guidance can help you understand blocks in yourself and your love interest.  Unhealed wounds, negative energies, and hidden truths can be addressed using intuitive guidance.  Strong foundational work around inner child needs and attachment styles guide growing healthy relationships.  24/7 availability for unanswered texts, missed dates, or ghosting, Alba is there to help hold your heart as you venture into new relationships.  The monthly package includes weekly coaching calls. 

$600.00/ month 

Intuitive love coach for couples  Relationships are our greatest call for growth.  Bringing our best selves forward for ourselves and our partners can be challenging.  Trauma is stored in the body and the mind.  Alba works with both partners to strengthen their bond by encouraging deep honesty with self-love and growth.  Independent and group calls, individual and partnered homework, and intuitive guidance about your relationship all support loving evolution. 

$1,000.00/ month

Energy clearing, home –  Our home is our place of safety and renewal.  Unwanted entities and negative energies can become stuck in a place and need assistance transitioning.  Alba is a sensitive channel and guide.  She can connect with energies in a home and help them transition using any combination of prayer, incense, loving words, candles, flowers, and sound.  Clearing the home of energy for safety and comfort can be advisable upon or just before moving into a new place.  It can also help lighten the home after the transition of a loved one or a traumatic event.  This slow and beautiful practice can be completed accompanied or unaccompanied by the home dweller.  The price depends on the size of the home and travel distance.  On average, a 3 bedroom / 2 bath home takes two hours of clearing work.  A two-bedroom apartment usually takes 90 minutes.   Alba is located in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.  Travel expenses can be discussed for work outside of Atlanta, as this is an in-person service.  Alba provides all the supplies needed for the clearing. 

Home clearing, minimum 90 minutes – $250.00 – $1,000.00 (based on size of property)

Energy clearing, individual – Sometimes in our lives, we feel stuck and like nothing is going our way.  Sometimes, after illness or trauma, it’s like there is a cloud over our head.  Chronic low energy, low mood, or just the sense that something isn’t right, a personal energy clearing can be the start of a new beginning.  For others who are about to embark on a new journey, such as before a long trip, relocation for a new job, or couples about to marry, an individual energy clearing can relieve stress, create a positive mindset, and increase clarity of mind and heart.  This is an in-person treatment that lasts about 30 minutes per person.  Clearing practice can include prayer, candles, incense, blessed water, sage, and other special items.  Alba provides all the supplies needed for the clearing. 

Single energy clearing = $100.00

Couples = $180.00

Family of four = $ 360.00

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Energy clearing for illness –  Many people are now suffering from chronic stress and environmental toxins that produce symptoms without a “disease.”   Growing evidence for early childhood trauma, generational trauma, and inherited genetic patterning supports energy work for physical healing.  This is a composite treatment along with the care of your physicians to determine any emotional/spiritual/energetic or ancestral roots to your symptoms.  Channeled messages about your disease and how to heal it are provided, usually through a series of four to six sessions.  These can be in-person or remote via Zoom.

60 minutes = $150.00

4 x 1 hour sessions = $ 500.00

Heal relationships with passed loved ones – Sometimes, we do not get the opportunity to say goodbye.  Loved ones pass without having our love go with them.  Alba can channel your loved one to communicate messages or ask questions.   This can be done remotely via Zoom or in person.  A short coaching call is included to orient you to the process and encourage a list of questions to ask your loved one. 

60 minutes = $150.00

Intuitive healing with angel cards: Are you Curious if you are on the “right” path? Have a big decision in love, work, or life and need some clarification? Alba connects with angel guides to answer important questions and offers key answers. You can pick one, two, or three cards as you progress in the session. 

One-card session (40 minutes) = $80.00

Two-card session (60 minutes) = $100.00

Three-card session (90 minutes) = $120.00

Give the gift of healing –   Looking to help a friend or family member?  Is it time for a birthday, and another tie won’t do?  Is your partner suffering the loss of a job or a pet and cannot find solace?  Material gifts last less in our hearts than experiences.  All of us are warriors in our own battles.  Give the gift of love and support by purchasing a clearing, intuitive counseling session, or intuitive healing with angel cards.  A couple’s clearing is a beautiful gift for the soon-to-be wedded.  Give something outside the box that goes straight to the heart. 

Gift Certificate: $100.00 

Prayer for healing with a candle: Are you worried about someone? Is there a work situation that is going badly? A friend’s illness is not turning around. Do you need to close a big client? Could you use more support to manifest a desire? Alba can connect with her angel guides through prayer, light a candle, and offer spiritual support. Channeled messages and rituals for home are often included.

30 minutes prayer with a candle = $60.00

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